BTT North Dallas

Professor Leonardo Machado

Edwin “El Feroz” Figueroa is a mixed martial artist most recently competed in the bantamweight division of the UFC. Started training in boxing at the age of 6, started kickboxing and karate at 14. A professional MMA competitor since 2007, fought in regional promotions in Texas before signing with UFC in 2011. 

Top Titles

Champion - Brazilian National CBJJ championship
2nd place- World IBJJF championship
3x 3rd place- World IBJJF championship
2nd place- Pan Ams NO GI IBJJF championship
3rd place- Brazilian National CBJJ championship
Champion- International RIO OPEN IBJJF
2x Champion- International Austin OPEN IBJJF
Champion- International Dallas OPEN IBJJF
Champion- International Houston OPEN IBJJF
Champion- International San Antonio OPEN IBJJF
Champion- International Boca Raton OPEN IBJJF
2x 3rd place- International San Francisco OPEN IBJJF
2x Champion- Rio de Janeiro State
2nd - International San Antonio OPEN IBJJF
2nd - International Dallas OPEN IBJJF
3rd - International Dallas OPEN IBJJF

Brazilian Jiujitsu in Richardson

Top Titles

Dallas Golden Gloves Champion
 Amateur Kickboxing Champion
Amateur Grappling Champion
 King of Combat Bantamweight Champion
13 professional MMA fights
6 time UFC Veteran
UFC Fight of the Night award
Highest world ranking # 13
Ranked # 1 in Texas

Coach Edwin Figueroa

Professor Machado is a 1st Degree black belt. He received his black belt in 2011 from Ricardo Marques of BTT Juiz de Fora.  He has been training Jiu-Jitsu for  14 years. He loves sharing his knowledge of the sport with his students and continues to compete actively. Often on the weekends you can find him refereeing at tournaments, thus, continuing to show his love and knowledge of this sport runs deep.